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This Week in All-Star Cheer 7.15.19

We’re back! We’re better! We’ve got a plan! Welcome back to The Last Pass, where we’re kicking off content this summer with three “This Week” columns—one for All-Star, High School, and College cheer. These will be posted on Mondays and cover what happened in the cheer world during the week prior, plus highlight anything important… Continue reading This Week in All-Star Cheer 7.15.19


CHEERSPORT Nationals Preview: Large Senior

We made it, ya'll! The dark days between showcase season and serious competition season are coming to an end. We had The Majors for a brief reprieve, where we saw many of our favorites go head-to-head with their biggest competitors for the first time. Still, most performances were riddled with "we're still figuring out this… Continue reading CHEERSPORT Nationals Preview: Large Senior