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This Week in College Cheer 7.15.19

We’re back! We’re better! We’ve got a plan!

Welcome back to The Last Pass, where we’re kicking off content this summer with three “This Week” columns—one for College, High School, and All Star cheer. These will be posted on Mondays and cover what happened in the cheer world during the week prior, plus highlight anything important coming up. But Monday’s not the only Funday here at TLP—while we’re living in the land of in-between when tryouts are over but the season isn’t in full swing, we’ll have fun features like UCA Nationals + Worlds division recaps, top-ten lists, opinion write-ups on things happening in the industry, and more! This week we’ll have a review of Lifetime’s Cheerleader Generation that includes some throwbacks to the OG Cheerleader Nation (#ImThisOld), and recaps of the Worlds Small CoEd, UCA College Nationals Small CoEd D1, and NHSCC Small Varsity CoEd divisions. Check back this week for all of that #content!

So let’s get on with it! Here we go with This Week in College Cheerleading.

Think we missed something? Know about something we should include in next week’s This Week? Email us at with subject “This Week.”

UCA Demo Day

UCA Staff did UCA Staff things and looked impeccable on Demo Day, and you don’t even have to be forking over your monthly millions to VarsityTV PRO to watch it. It’s for everybody! A rare gift. Seriously, UCA Staff is #goals and they did not disappoint this year, so go watch!

VarsityTV is also making a few more demos available live on their website, which is cool, and you can watch the demo at University of Alabama this Thursday, 7/18 at 1pm CT.

Support STUNT

Any version of cheerleading is obviously awesome, and we at TLP we support any platform for expanding cheerleading and its related skills into opportunities for athletes in college and beyond. STUNT does that. Not only does it give cheerleaders an opportunity for scholarships, it takes away all the pom-waving, crowd-leading hoopla (stop, we love the hoopla, too) and focuses on the execution of stunt skills. It’s so impressive to watch STUNT teams absolutely nail these routines without even the slightest balance check or timing mishap. Plus it’s neat to watch teams compete directly against each other. In our opinion, this format goes a long way in helping the non-cheer masses understand cheerleading by being able to compare teams doing the same skills and identify who is “better.” This kind of traditional format could translate into a bigger fan-base, hence more opportunities, and the cycle would continue.

Unfortunately, NCAA has not granted STUNT Emerging Sport Status. Sign this petition to be part of the effort to change that. Every signature counts!


Is sparse. Now that camp season’s in full swing, we’ll keep our eye out for what teams are up to in the coming weeks. Remember to follow us on Twitter @TheLastPass to let us know what your team is working on so we can share it! And remember, if we missed something or you know of something that should be in next week’s column email with subject line This Week.

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