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This Week in High School Cheer 7.15.19

We’re back! We’re better! We’ve got a plan!

Welcome back to The Last Pass, where we’re kicking off content this summer with three “This Week” columns—one for High School, All-Star, and College cheer. These will be posted on Mondays and cover what happened in the cheer world during the week prior, plus highlight anything important coming up. But Monday’s not the only Funday here at TLP—while we’re living in the land of in-between when tryouts are over but the season isn’t in full swing, we’ll have fun features like UCA Nationals + Worlds division recaps, top-ten lists, opinion write-ups on things happening in the industry, and more! This week we’ll have a review of Lifetime’s Cheerleader Generation that includes some throwbacks to the OG Cheerleader Nation (#ImThisOld), and recaps of the NHSCC Small Varsity CoEd, Worlds Small CoEd, and UCA College Nationals Small CoEd D1 divisions. Check back this week for all of that #content!

So. Read on to see what’s happening this week in high school cheerleading.

Think we missed something? Know about something we should include in next week’s This Week? Email us at lastpassblog@gmail.com with subject “This Week.”

Varsity Stuff

BYOB at This Year’s Nationals

This week in high school cheerleading, we’ll kick off with Varsity’s announcement of Game Day Live, which will give cheerleading programs the opportunity to bring their own bands for a full-on extravaganza performance that includes the normal Game Day hoopla PLUS a live band. This sounds simple. Plus lots of schools readily provide funding to send the cheerleading team to the national cheerleading championship… I’m sure they’ll have no problem fully funding the band, too. And there is plenty of room at the All-Star resort. No worries here.

Do we sound skeptical? We are. It sounds, well… ridiculous. But if there’s truly demand here and this works out, we’ll eat our words. Either way, it should be interesting.

UCA Camp Tips

UCA Staff is sharing their top five tips for camp success, which we’ve retitled Thank You Captain Obvious. Don’t want to miss this.

Speaking of camp, The Greatest Show of Summer has kicked off and we’re helping to ensure cheerleading is taken more seriously by dressing up as circus characters and tossing around large inflatable bananas all summer.

We love you, Varsity, and we’re just messing with ya. Sort of.

Team Features

Varsity announced a few days ago that they’d be doing a feature on Costa Mesa High School. It will highlight their experience at 2019 USA Spirit Nationals. We’re excited!

The results are also in on who will be featured for the upcoming season: Dyer County High School, Desoto Central High School, Edinburgh High School, Fossil Ridge High School, and NC State University. We loved watching Fossil Ridge win their first championship at this year’s NHSCC and can’t wait to see more from them!


What’s everyone up to?

Ya’ll we don’t know!!!!

We have searched far and wide, but high school cheerleading programs are still stuck in the culture of keeping everything top secret, we suppose in the name of maintaining some sort of competitive advantage. Those days are gone, friends! Here at The Last Pass we say #FreeHighSchoolCheerleading and show us what you’re working on. School cheerleading is more elite than ever before and we should be celebrating that, not keeping things under wraps.

We managed to find a few updates that we are thrilled to share! 

Villa Park High School from California is getting ready for UCA Camp.





Reigning national champs Bishop McCort High School from Pennsylvania shows that spins aren’t just for spring floors. Check them out twisting the night away.


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Twisting the Night Away🌪💥🔥

A post shared by Bishop McCort Cheer (@mccortcheer) on


Marlboro High School from New Jersey is working hard for new skills through the hot summer days.




What is your high school working on? Share it with us on Twitter @thelastpass or email thelastpass@gmail.com!


In Closing

We’re glad to be back and we hope next week’s edition of This Week will be full of waaay more videos to share.

If you’re also an All-Star and/or College cheer fan, check out This Week in All-Star Cheerleading and This Week in College Cheer, too.

Remember, if we missed something or you know of something that should be in next week’s column email lastpassblog@gmail.com with subject line This Week. Follow us on Twitter @TheLastPass! Join our mailing list to get our newsletter Coming Soon!

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