This Week in All-Star Cheer

Summer Camp Central

The best of the best level 5 teams beat the heat this week by staying indoors and getting down to business, showing off impressive skills and giving us some much-appreciated sneak peaks into what they’ve been working on since tryouts.

Hot Shots Delivers

The serve was real. Our girl Flo was in attendance to give us An Inside Look at Hot Shots 2018, posting plenty favs including BSB, TGLC, Diamonds, and Stars. Shout out to Lady Lightning for sharing this extra treat and a Shooting Star for this one.

There are lots of Hot Shots videos floating around the Twitterverse if you want to see more, but we’ll round out our recap with BSB being perfect.

Cheer Athletics Wows as Usual

Thought nothing could be more impressive than the 2017 CA level 5 camp video? Lol. The cats came back with a perfectly-timed basket video that will make all your execution dreams come true.


To boot, one CA Wildcat gifted us with this magic. All of our gratitude.

Cheer Extreme Goes Coastal

CEA went to Beach Camp. We love you, JTV. Thank you for the quick turn around on Coed Elite. But you know what we’re waiting for. We’re ready when you are.

Cali Super Camp

It happened. We’ve found minimal updates except for a few grainy pictures. If ya got the scoop, share the wealth! One thing we do know—the Smamily is growing.

Stingrays Remind Us that Cheer is Fun

…with this program-wide pyramid. How cool!


Level 5 Athlete Openings

Still looking for a team? Here are some level 5 teams looking for athletes to complete their rosters:

Cali SMOED & XS Coed

Cali Lady Bullets

Florida Top Dog Rain

Stars Vipers

Rain Athletics


The Last Pass

It was actually more than a week ago, but this week’s honor goes to queen Karolyne Day, who did 17 whips to double for her 17th birthday and yeah, we’re here for it.




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